The Year is 1936 and all is not well in the world. The Great war is well over but its effects
are still felt everywhere. Everyone thinks another war is on the way. Poverty. sickness and blight scourer
the globe. The rich exploit the poor and weak; forgoing their rightful obligation.

What is wrong? Why is this happening? Who will do something about it!!! These are the questions on the lips of
all men of science, conscience and character.

Years ago you all met while studying, working or lounging in the greater Foxborough-Boston area.
The Adventure of the Sinister Sphere, The Riddle of the Phantom Mummy and
The Yellow Vengeance Caper, cemented a bond among your young group, the so called
Empyrean League, or the more jingoistic newspaper-coined-name "The Bean-Town-Boys’’
which the gals in the group, justifiably, hated.

It was hard to know if it was more or less, funny once Gold Key Publishing put out the story
collections. For a dime people could read about the “Real-Life” exploits of the “Bean Town Boys”
and other less credible tales which surely, only a fool could think actually happened.

An odd group: not outcasts or rebels but the leaders of a new generation. Motivated by genuine
concern for the future and the lot of the common man. The weird artifact you all found in The
Sinister Sphere adventure, the powers of the oriental Fangshi sorcerers not to mention the
Salem Halloween Hi-jinks, all haunt your dreams to this day and remind you that you can make a
positive difference.

Since then life has caught up with you all – as it has a way of doing – and you went your separate
ways, always promising to get together for that reunion. The reunion which never seemed to happen.
Hal Bradley moved into politics. Lauren into Tinseltown. Carter Boon into the family business.
Sheridan “Bedazzling” Diamond – Be’ to her friends, went to hunt in Africa.
Ajay “The Somnambulist” Sing went back to Britain and this families tea fortune.
Soledad Valenti journeyed home to South America. Gerald Harmon joined the Army Air Core.

Now you have received an invitation from Dr Angstrom to join for a meeting in New York
and you never could say no to an… ADVENTURE!!!

The Empyrean Ideal

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