The Empyrean Ideal

Consolidated story for about half the game

Chapter One – History is a Storybook!!!

wherein our intrepid adventures discover the peril to mankind

- Received invitation to meet with Dr Angstrom
- Renewed old acquaintances as a result of the invitation
- Arrived at the Penthouse apartment of Dr Angstrom, ushered in my his man servant Chang
- The Great Conspiracy reveled by Angstrom. History it appears is a fabrication. Why? Who is behind this plot? What are their aims? Shows important information on Ice Land, Belize, Egypt and Crete.

In an extraordinary series of factual evidence, Dr Angstrom reveals powerful evidence that similar cultures existed at the same time in the distant past but yet were separated by thousands of kilometres and entire oceans. (added by JG)

- Angstrom reveals his agents have been murdered. Or committed murder. Then suicide. He feels this was beyond them. He needs new agents. Are the Bean Town Boys up to the task?

- Agreeing to become his agents Angstrom instructs the gang to sign on to the trust-fund he set up at the federal reserve bank. The gang is expected to go there on Monday.

- Its further revealed that items which are a part of Angstroms investigation are present in New York.
- The weekend is spent tracking down clues about the mystery and the items

- The investigators split up and investigate the scene of the crime and the owners of the antiquities in New York the Metropolitan Museum

- One of the two murder/suicides was in New York. After sweet talking the police, important details are found which lead the investigators to the scene of the crime and the eye witness who implicated Angstrom.

- At the Museum a ruffian (A Mafiosi thug hired by a little known Nazi cult) is found and apprehended. One escapes with unknown items. Important introductions are made.

- At the apartment building in Harlem Matilda the eyewitness is interviewed and through some quick talking she is convinced to slowly implicate herself in a plot to discredit Angstrom and deter him. She revels many interesting “facts” about unknown parties conducting clandestine operations. She belongs to a strange order called the Arcanum and she is mortally afraid that a rival Nazi based cult is learning valuable secrets and gaining important artifacts. It is also pretty obvious that it is the Arcanum which has kept ‘history’ as the form that we know it – although these reasons seem benign at first glance. She also reveals the nature of her ring as the murder weapon. It turns out to be an ancient artifact powered by a long lost language. It didn’t actually kill the people, it seemed that it made the victims kill each other – mind control! Jessica now has it in her possession (God help us mere males now!).

- After winding up the meeting with Matilda and escorting her to the waiting Zeppelin the players allow the killer of Angstroms former investigators to return to London as an unwitting information while awaiting instructions to re-establish contact with the heroes in the future.

- Anxious to start their investigations in earnest the investigators arrive at the bank to conveniently both view the antiquities which are being held there until insured and to sign on to the trust fund.

- while in the vault below viewing the antiquities a Mechanical Man
wielding a Ray Gun beams his way through the Banks walls!!! (oh no!)

Chapter Two – Subterranean & Submarine Subterfuge
wherein the Nazis reveal themselves and the interesting side effects of oxygen are explored

- The Ray Gun wielding machine man made its way into the Bank followed by The Spollettie Gang.
- The guards overwhelmed by the spectacle watched as the Mechanical Man advanced
- The investigators rushed to protect the bank with their two fisted zeal
- In the confusion Jessica swiped two of the unusual artifacts and put them in her mysterious purse of the planes
- The first artifact was a disc like gem, the second a looked like a small “stele” inscribed with a caduceus-like-symbol
- Seeking cover under the table in the centre of the safe-deposit vault Jessica inadvertently wounded the Professor in the arm
- The stele was projecting an incredibly sharp blade. Amazing! Arcane! How could this be!
- meanwhile the fight was going apace out in the corridor
- Hal had bolted headlong down the corridor to engage the gangsters
- Thaddeus had found a weak spot in the Mechanical man. Some of its engine pipping was only rubber hosing!
- Chip was bulling the Gangsters into submission dropping many with his powerful effective blows
- The bank guards feebly defended the bank
- Hals fighting led him into direct confrontation with the Gangster boss, a fearful individual who could bot break Hals resolve before he laid him low
- Jessica heading Thaddeus directions ducked and weaved her way behind the machine man and used the stele knife to slice the tubing
- Diesel sprayed everywhere and was set alight amid the confusion, firearms and tight spaces
- The adventures made quick work of the gangsters and the Mechanical man only to discover it was some type of armored suit of massive proportions empowered by gears and leavers
- No sooner had the villains been apprehended did the police show up to take charge of the scene
- Examining the scene for clues the only thing of interest was a Key from the gangster boss for the pier 11 ferry terminal
- Taking their leave of the police the investigators followed the Spollettie’s excavations down the tunnel which looked like a rail tunnel and into a massive underground rail hub. The NY metropolitan pneumatic rail station! Which lay abandoned these many years from the turn of the century
- There the adventurers found evidence of military crates of foreign manufacture and evidence that the Mechanical man was built here
- feeling the trail had run dry in the subway the team made there way to the pier 11 ferry terminal
- Arriving they cased the joint and finally made there way over to the locker
- Trying the key they opened the locker to find a suitcase full of Diamonds
- Jessica pocketed the diamond and made like she had made a drop of some kind
- Taking the bait a suited man of Scandinavian appearance came and took the case form the locker
- Following the man the team made their way to a large fishmongers in the meat packing district where the man entered and did not leave before it closed for the night
- Ludvig’s was all quite and the team took this opportunity to break in pursuit of the man and the suit case
- Entering through the street store the team went out to the packing shed only to be seen by four Germans playing cards
- Taking little note of the team because of Chips blue eyes and blond hair the Germans let themselves be fast talked by the silver tongued Bradley
- The German guards ushered the team out to the jetty where men seemed to be gathered around a red hut and busy taking boxes in and out
- A goggled individual seemed to notice Jessica and spoke to her in a strange tongue. Feeling momentarily dizzy Jessica fled for her life into the shed to apprehend the guards with Thaddeus
- After much gun play the Gemans tried to flee in their hidden U-Boat
- Hal shot the fuel and oxygen on the jetty to create an explosion which “sank” the U-boat
- beating a hasty retreat to avoid media attention the team headed to Dr Angstrom who said they must get to the bottom of what was going on
- Deciding that the best place to investigate would be Egypt the team have made their way there by Zeppelin, train and finally boat

Chapter Four – Craziness in Cairo

- The adventurers journey to Paris Europe by Zeplin, to Rome via the Orient Express and to Port Said by Ship
- Port Said is found to be a busy port with equal parts English and German presence
- The dig site at Tannis is found to be little more then rocks in the dessert and archaeological digs
- Eager to get to the bottom of the mystery the team investigate taking to the desert and the dig sites
- It occurs to Jessica that useful information maybe found at the Cairo Museum due to its role in the previous digs and its alignment with the Egyptian Antiquities Authority
- The team journey down to Cairo via Nile cruiser
- Arriving in Cairo the team find the western style hotels book out due to the holiday season despite the bad weather of the available hotels including the
Amarante Royal Gardens Hotel Cairo
Baron Hotel Heliopolis Cairo
Cataract Resort Cairo
Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo
Concorde Hotel Dokki Cairo
Conrad Hotel Cairo
Delta Pyramids Hotel
Cairo El Gezirah Cairo
Europa Hotel Cairo
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo
Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel Cairo
Grand Hyatt Hotel Cairo
Grand Pyramids Hotel Cairo
Heliopolis Hotel Cairo
Helnan Shepherd Cairo
Mena House Oberoi Cairo
Moevenpick Resort
Oasis Hotel Cairo
Only the following hotels have accommodation for the entire team at the one location
The Victoria
The Citadel
The Carlton
- the team decide to take up at the Carlton
- The local English language news paper the Cairo bulletin explains the peak holiday season and the Chapman and Von Schneider digs
- The team learn of the library of Thoth rumor
- Team learn of the oddly named Temple of the underworld (not temple of Seth?)
- Team visits the Ciaro museum
- team visits the hotels where the two dig teams are residing
- Team is followed and attacked by “locals”
- Team is attacked by otherworldly creature
- Team visits the Sphinx and the pyramids
- Team discovers the Library of Thoth

Chapter 5 – The Library of Thoth
Jessica – what a extraordinary dame! We didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast in booked out Cairo and after much scratching around we ended up standing out in the desert heat in front of a huge, worn obelisk of some sort. The next thing we knew she just disappears into thin air! We set about calling for her but only the silence of the dusty wastes answers. Gone.
For about 5 minutes – long enough to get us all really worried (and ashamed for our lack of vigilance). “It’s utterly incredible!”she pants “we’ve found it!! The Library of Thoth!” It still looked like a dusty, worn obelisk despite J’s enthusiasm and my renewed, earnest squinting at it. Admittedly the disappear/reappear trick was impressive but not very library like. “No, you simple darlings. This isn’t the Library, this is the Door. You have to come with me – I’ll show you what I mean”. We all joined hands and Jessica faced the stone once again. There was a strange lurge in my stomach and the the world of heat, dust and light was inverted in a heartbeat.

I could hear the gasps and flurried movement of the gang next to me in the cold darkness, as there was a sudden lunge for torches or guns depending on each of our preferences. The darkness was total but before the first beams of light cut through, the echoes of our exertions where stretching off into a vast void.

The place we found ourselves in was vast. Our puny torches only managing to hint at the yawning spaces before us. Tall, mysterious columns stretched away into the darkness above and strange glyphs marked the floor at our feet and the wall at our backs. I found myself wandering towards the nearest mighty column. It looked so strange, the ‘stone’ was utterly smooth and yet it didn’t look like steel. I wonder what it is?
“Don’t touch anything!” was the urgent stage whisper from Jess.
“Sure doll.” I said as I casually retracted my extended arm to take off my cap and ‘wipe the sweat from my brow’.
Her warning was too late. for there was now a slight hum rising in the still, cool air. I began to protest my innocence as I hadn’t done anything wrong when, with a sudden thrum of energy the vast chamber was suddenly flooded with light.
Each and every pillar had transformed in an instant to a beam of pure light! A marvel! The roof did not cave in (as I nervously glanced up) and we were all still whole and sound. “Well. I found the light switch guys!” I declared with a grin. Jess and Thaddus seemed unimpressed. I know it wasn’t in quite the same league as utterly disappearing and reappearing but hey, Im only new at all this. I was curious how light could hold up the roof, so I pushed against it a little with my hand. I was surprised to find that my hand actually met resistance. A strange humming also began in my head and teeth but this was not the strangest thing. The light actually started to spread down my fingertips! turning them into the same kind of light. It did feel extraordinarily good too, I must add. My thoughts (and extended arm) were hanked back into the chamber by a cross looking Jess.
“For goodness sakes Hal, don’t touch anything OK?”
“Yeah. OK. You really outa try this though. It’s really neat!”
“I mean it Hal darling. Can you not touch anything for a while? For me. OK?”
“Sure Jess. I didn’t mean to make you scared. I promise OK No touching.”
It was a promise with an all too familiar ring…
With the hall now fully illuminated, the marvels of this place were on full display. I felt like I was 10 years old and Mr Hooper had accidently locked me into his candy store for the night. There were Egyptian sarcophagi standing around the distant walls. A huge one covered in gold stood at the far end. There was a strange well suspended over a bottomless pit by four narrow bridges right in the centre of the whole place. A shrine of stood before the big sarcophagus. On top was a rod of sorts placed on a fine looking stand. Around the walls a channel with water in it formed two flanking ‘rivers’ on the east and west sides of the vast pit. I’m pretty sure Jess didn’t mean it about the ‘no touching’ , I mean, look at this place!
I set off for the pit to find out what was in the well. Why’d you have a well over a pit?
The edges of the pit were ringed by glowing blue runes which seemed to be sending a beam of light towards the ceiling. My gaze climbed the beams and refused to come back down. Suspended in the air at the top of the highest arch above this pit, bathed in the white light of the runes was a diamond the size of a Cadillac! At least that’s what it looked like. The light was captured into the facets of the mighty stone and redirected back towards the rune ring below. To be honest, I don’t think my mind could really take it in and after a very short time it totally slipped my mind that it was there.
I scooped down and gathered some dust from the floor. I tossed it into the beams and the dust exploded! (the gang didn’t seem to notice – no need for them to get worried for nothing). The light beams blocked the little bridges to the well. I thought if I turned myself into light using the pillars I could get across. The gang were scattered all about and getting on with some ‘no touching’ of their own so I went to the pillar and stuck my hand into the middle. Weird hum. Nice feeling. A perfect world. Ahhhh. All people are at peace and machines have freed our minds and hands to engage in the pursuits of poetry, art, music, medicine and the countless small things that humans can do with their higher minds. I can see it so clearly, laid out before me. Only it is not a dream. It is real. I have found Nirvana.
Until Chip yanked me, literally, back to reality.
“You’ll want to look out for those Hal” He softly rumbled. “You’d have turned into a light post yourself in a few more seconds”
I could only sort of nod as my whole body felt like it had the worst pins and needles ever.
How long we poked and prodded around in that long lost chamber I am unsure but again it was the enigmatic Jessica who unlocked the mystery . It was all to do with the runes. Somehow she had managed to resurrect the ghost of the chum who was buried in the grand sarcophagus. He spoke to us in English as he floated in the air next to the pit. He was watching us and testing us to see if we were the right stuff for him to appear before us. He was a odd fellow but very nice. Answered a great deal of Questions very patiently about how to build gigantic diamonds and digging machines from Thadeus and the meaning of life the universe and everything from all of us. He had a few gems to tell – he must’ve been dying to tell someone for ages. (I’m not sure I want to think too much about that…)
The big lesson was this. The world is hollow. It was made this way by a race of folks called the Atlanteans many millions of years ago because of the sun. Our sun it seems goes ballistic every now and again and sends out a huge amount of energy which scorches everything on the planet. They went underground and took everything down there with them so that when things settled down they could repopulate the planet without needing 100 million years + of evolution. (Jonah’s Ark story?). The Atlanteans are no longer down there or up here, they are out there. In outer space! They’ve been locked out by some of their own kind who have gone a little stir crazy and have gone looking for a thing they call ‘Unity’. This would be only a minor part of the huge amount of things that he told us if it wasn’t for one very important fact. The last time the sun went nova (or whatever Thadeus said) was over 12 millions years ago. The next time it will do this, our new ghostly friend informs us is in sixty DAYS! not “million years” which I was sure he said even after he had patently repeated it about four times. He wasn’t going to be bargained down either!
We are all dead then!
No. It seems that the Atlanteans had another way to save the earth. A shield could be made using the light beams (it all gets very technical but here’s the bottom line) only the ‘Unity’ mob have sabotaged it!
Is there a way to fix it?
Yes. But it’s a loooooong shot. We must go into the hollow world and find the machine that makes the shield and fix it. It is likely that even Thad cannot fix it in this short amount of time. I think were going to have to find a way to get the Atlanteans back to Earth to fix it. That may well mean that we might have to go to outer space to bring them back! How can we get to outer space? Until yesterday morning the world was a simple place. If we need to get to outerspace I would now be the last person to scoff.
We have no time to lose.
Our Librarian friend tells us how and where we can get down to the hollow world. We must first go to Crete and activate another stone Door. This will get us to the gate which is somewhere in Antarctica! from there our own portable ancient library (which Jess now carries and has long one sided conversations with. She is one strange lady) will tell us what to do.
We rushed from the Library and made frenzied preparations to get to Crete. As the days slowly went by we all struggled in the quiet times about the impending doom facing the world. Should we tell people? The Army? In the end we kept quiet. Nazis are all over this like a rotten egg. If we trumpeted what we knew It could easily backfire rather than help. It was best kept secret for now.
Arriving in Crete we had to do some fancy footwork to shake some thugs. Thadeus came up with a great switch to shake them off our tail. He’s not just a book worm with a thing for digging machines after all. Very proud of him.
We get to the ancient site of Knossos and what do you know? Covered in Nazis! Man, they are like cockroaches! Just when you think you’ve got rid of the nest they come out of some other place. I tell you, somethings gotta be done about these one day. It certainly will be if they don’t just hurry up and get outta our way and let us get on with this! I wonder. It’d be so like them to know about the coming roasting and go into the hollow world and leave us all to it top side. That certainly fits their silly Master Race evolutionary delusion. They could rise from the ashes as the single human race etc etc. They truly are insane! They will try to STOP us even if they know what’s going to happen!
Well, no time to worry about that now as I have one literally breathing down my neck. I was coming down a dark corridor to dupe a guard that I was part of the dig but lost. When I got there he was gone. I gave the gang the all clear and then a shot goes off! Thadeus fired at me! Shouting near and far. Suddenly all is pitch black and a razor sharp blade cooly pricks my throat. LIke a phantom he materialised right beside me out of thin air. Never heard him or saw him coming.
“Stay very kviet if you vant to liv” he breaths into my ear.
“Sure thing creep.” I think to myself, though I can’t promise anything….


Chapter 6 – Journey to the Centre of the Earth
- Esscape form the Nazi encampment in Crete
- Arival in the cold [presumably antacrtica if the minimap was corect]
- The snow spiders
- The transport ring
- Arival in the Jungle
- The Hollow earth
- The Dusk lands and the sky shields above
- Travel through the jungle
- Attack of the velociraptors

Chapter 7 – Hanging By a Wire

Jessica’s Journal…

They appeared from the jungle almost without warning, raptors (or at least that’s what Thaddeus called them). Hal barely managed to hold them off with not much more than a piece of wood and a grenade. These are the times that compensate for his seemingly inability to look me in the eyes…

We made it inside the small compound established by the Nazis to protect their “sky-car”. I convinced the Nazis on the other side of the gorge that we were with them. It was at this time that some strange looking pigmies and a feral looking man appeared from the jungle. I think the whole speaking German thing gave them the wrong impression because they started shooting at us with blow-darts.

At this point I have to once again say how impressed I am by Hal Bradley. Even while saving my life he takes any opportunity he can to grab my breasts. I should be angry but he is a true and honest opportunist, and you have to respect that.

As a few well placed shots scared off the pygmies all hell broke loose on the other side of the gorge. What appeared to be a tribe of amazons attacked the Nazi camp, routing them and burning the place to the ground in short order. The only problem with that is was that the sky-car’s was in danger and we needed to get across the gorge.

Crossing the gorge in the car was one of the most dangerous things we had done yet as the cable stretched with the heat. Although the amazons had disappeared in back in the jungle the real threat came from falling hundreds of feet to our deaths. Only chips incredible strength saved us in the end. It felt so good to be back on solid ground again.

Deciding that the burnt down camp wasn’t the best place to spend the night, an existential concept at best in this seemingly hollow earth, we headed off into the jungle. Sleeping in the large trees seemed like a good idea at the time, as many things do. And in all fairness, no one could have known that we would be surrounded by homicidal, carnivorous vines and attacked the moment we moved in the “morning”.

We barely made it beyond the range of their spores and staggered further into the jungle, making for a temple complex the now destroyed map had shown us. The lost of the ring and the map should have concerned me but part of me was relieved they were gone, they allowed a connection to us that I was never comfortable with.

We approached a large ravine, aware of a large dinosaur, probably a Tyrannosaur, was in the area. Further up the ravine a bridge across was visible and below it was a large spider-like creature that seemed to be gathering resources or repairing the area below the bridge. Even as we made our way to the bridge we came to the conclusion that this place isn’t supposed to be like this, it’s supposed to be a paradise. But the sabotage has disrupted the natural order of things here…

We emerged from the jungle on the road leading to the bridge, sure we had out witted the Tyrannosaur. The large columns on either side road that provided a kind of gate way to the bridge were covered in the language or the ancients. I was just getting into reading and trying to understand it when the out-witted Tyrannosaur was discovered reading over my shoulder…

Chapter 8 – The Jaws of Fate

Jessica’s Journal…

We ran, ran for pillars on other side of bridge. Because of our growing knowledge of Atlantian technology I was sure that if we could make it through them we would be safe. I was counting on the Pillars acting as a kind of mental deterrent. Indeed they caused Thad to think twice about going through, even as I and Chip just ran through. Remember his football training Hal crash-tackled Thad through. The T-rex was defeated by the field and turned around, seemingly forgetting about its dinner… us.

On closer inspection a gem in one of the pillars acted as a control mechanism that could intensify the field, extending it across the bridge and beyond. Near by a road sign in ancient Greek pointed the way to different places and we suspected it was the work of the Amazons or their ancestors. Just outside the clearing we found crashed German bomber, Condor, in the jungle. Lots of bodies and a few UXB’s (unexploded bombs).

Thad put on some obviously dangerous Atlantean goggles and was possessed by a Nazi who said that he had found us and will torture us. What part of DON”T FUCKING TOUCH ANYTHING is so hard to understand?

Damage to the bridge, lightning strikes on the bomber, etc lead us to conclude that the crystals on top of the pillars have an offensive capability. I returned to the bridge and activated the bridge/forcefield to maximum intensity which caused a huge dome of force more than 100 yards in radius. It also caused a glowing nimbus of energy to coalesce above the summit of the dome and one above my head too. The one above the dome fired a blast of electricity at a passing Pteranodon, destroying it instantly.

Radio chatter from the radio salvaged from the German Condor indicated that the Nazis were coming. The giant man-eating ants, the Nazis and a general feeling that we should move on encouraged us to move on towards the citadel.

It didn’t take long for us to encounter a large troop of Amazons who we made peaceful contact with and who led us to their large city which surrounded the citadel.

After a meeting with the Queen, who took a shine to Hal during a feast, myself, Thad and Chip retired to some private chambers while Hal was prepared for the Queen. Hal met a captive German soldier named Jacob. Poor old Hal was stabbed by one of the other members of the Queen’s harem. A quick fight ended with Hal coming out on top, a position they many of them men seem think might be fun. Fending off their advances seemed to be a full time endeavour and the continuation of our mission was welcomed.

Meanwhile I got to spend some time in a bath with Sophia (leader of the troop that they met on the road) discussing the world and history. While it was obvious she wanted our encounter to become more intimate I resisted her advances (and I though Hal was persistent!). Thad rescued me just in time for an audience with the Ǽ.

It was obvious from the moment we arrived inside the temple on the summit that something was wrong. The damage to the Great Machine had warped the mind of the Librarian, or at least his aspect as represented in Cynadosia. It took very little effort to see through the illusion created by him and deactivate him. The Queen’s advisor was doing her best to convince the Queen that I was the devil, and if not him a close relative on his mother’s side. However I seemed to be making progress with the Queen, explaining our mission and that we could repair Ǽ when I asked the Machine to grant access to the Queen. It of course transported her away, leaving us with a hateful old woman and a small army all pointing their spears at us…

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